Digital Projects

C21 conference site preview

Dark Side of the Digital Conference Website

Spring 2013

When I worked at the Center for 21st Century Studies as a Project Assistant during the 2012-13 academic year, I created the website for the annual C21 conference. I used as the platform so that future PAs could recreate the general structure and update the site easily.
Object Undefined site preview

Object Undefined

Fall 2012

"Object Undefined" is a work of interactive fiction designed as a choose-your-adventure game. The piece is coded entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is one of my first attempts to work with the Document Object Model in JavaScript. The theme of the story is split identity and a desperate attempt to make contact with someone.
English Department website preview

New banner images for English Department website

Spring 2012

For the 2011-12 academic year, I served in a role that allowed me to get experience working on the English Department's website. As part of this effort, I collaborated with the department chair to decide on improvements. He asked me to replace a few outdated banner images. Since UWM has a fine collection of rare books and artist's books, I had the idea of taking pictures of these texts and collaging them in PhotoShop. I met with the Special Collections director and took the photographs. Then, working in PhotoShop, I weaved various bits together to create the final images.
Mediated Memories course site preview

Mediated Memories

Spring 2011

In this brief personal essay, my goal was to create an interface based on a single image. Through my experiences and the theories of Derrida and Stiegler, I wanted to explore the nature of archives and the way storing and preserving artifacts shapes and distorts individual memory. To that end, I collected some objects that are significant to me. I pinned them to the wall, took a photograph, and used this image to structure the essay. Pop-up boxes contain the text.
Authority Figures site preview

Authority Figures

Spring 2011

Most plagiarism policies on course syllabi encourage college writers to see authors as owners; students then begin to form writing selves through this particular authorial lens. However, digital media such as remix videos and wikis suggest alternative authority "figures." This web-text uses overlapping divs and CSS opacity/transparency to envision authorial layers in paper, film, and wikis.
VTXT site preview


Spring 2011

VTXT is an essay/archive that seeks to explore, through a media-specific lens, how elements of written and graphic language have appreciated and appropriated each other since the invention of the alphabet. The site offers an incomplete and in-progress archive of texts (artworks, poetry, and everything in between) that refuse to ignore the visuality of written language. This was one of the first large-ish websites I created from scratch in HTML and CSS.
video preview

Video of "Building Dwelling Thinking" (excerpt) by Martin Heidegger


This video allowed me to learn iMovie. I try to interlace footage of urban and rural bridges to illustrate Heidegger's appeal for ethical dwelling.